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Another perfect score! (updated 3/28/14)

Dear Arianna and Kristi,

Hi! This is Karen Chi.  I just wanted to let you know my score from the March SAT.  I got a 2400!!!  I was so thrilled when I first saw the score this morning.  Thank you so much for everything! I could never have done this without you.

Sincerely, Karen Chi


" Dear all,

I am so happy that I got my daughter Shawn Weng's SAT score today.  She got 2400-a perfect score.  I couldn't believe it.  In the past months she has been taking the summer course at IES and the private lessons with Arianna until the date right before the testing date of November 2, 2013.  Now both of us saw the wonderful result.  Thank you all for helping her achieving her goal.  Especially I have to express my appreciation to Arianna that she had done a wonderful job and given Shawn confidence and helped her believing in herself.  Great Job!


Jackie (Shawn Weng's mom)" ~ 11/21/2013

Shawn Weng shows off her perfect 2400 SAT score achieved in Nov 2013, with Arianna (Co-founder of IES2400 and teacher with highest track record of 2400 scores since 2005)

Tiffany Li winner of the IES $2400 scholarship award for a perfect 2400 score on the Oct 2012 SAT

Double Perfection! Two sisters share a common trait: perfection. Sherri and Tiffany Li each recieved a 2400 on their SAT tests. Sherry prepared for her SAT at IES two years ago and is now at Princeton University. Tiffany attended the 2012 IES summer camp and received a 2400 on her first try in October 2012 thereby winning the $2400 IES College Scholarship Award. Congratulations to the Li family for their double 2400 success and for setting a new standard of excellence in the field of SAT Prep.


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IES2400 is a multi-purpose tutoring center specializing in SAT prep. Our main focus is on SAT test technique development through in-class training and workshop practice sessions. We use a combination of official College Board publications and proprietary course materials developed in-house by an experienced teaching faculty. 

SAT classes are supplemented with practice tests and free workshops in reading comprehension, writing, sentence completion, vocab, math, grammar and brainstorming.

Bridge Programs are available for students who desire extra practice and one to one tutoring on a weekly basis. Upon completion of the SAT course students may register for anywhere between 3 and 18 weeks of Bridge Programs. These will include workshops, practice tests and private lessons.


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