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  We are ready for the new redesigned 2016 SAT!

We have: Courses, Material, Practice Tests & Workshops.  

If you need expert tutoring on the New 2016 redesigned SAT, you've come to the right place - the place with dozens of practice tests and fully-developed New SAT strategies.  We at IES have developed a unique and all-intensive curriculum in Verbal, Math and Essay Writing.  Sign up now, and get our New SAT books before anyone else.  We are completely prepared for the changes to the SAT.  Are you?


Join the IES Path to Perfection and discover our simple, effective and proven methods. Enhance your strengths, eliminate your weaknesses, increase your score. 


IES Test Prep is a multi-purpose tutoring and publishing center specializing in SAT and ACT prep courses and materials. Our main focus is on test technique development through in-class training and workshop practice sessions.


High test scores require fundamental transformations in a student's attitude and perspective, which is what we strive to achieve at IES. By instilling core values such as responsibility, engagement and individuality in every student, we hope to make the learning experience rewarding and enjoyable for all.




Let us help guide you in the right direction.